1000 Miles Adventure

The 1000 Miles Adventure started for the first time on July 3, 2011 and was attended by 89 competitors from three states (more about the 1st year). Beginning of IX. year is scheduled for 30 June 2019 at 3 pm from the easternmost village of Slovakia - Nová Sedlica.

About the race

  • The length will again be about 1,000 miles across the Czecho-Slovakia. There will also be a shorter version of the race, which will be about 500 miles.
  • The race is open to bikers, runners, pedestrians, scooters and all that move by their own power.
  • Only start and finish are set and the trail leads through nature. When and where the competitors sleep, ride or eat is up to them. Targeted support is prohibited.
  • Compared to America, Alaska, Australia and Asia, there are limited space and isolation options in Europe, but the race will still bring a great deal of adventure, sudden incidents and new knowledge to participants. The public´s followers will have an intense 7–27 day experience with a detailed “direct” transmission on this site.


"Partial personal victory, achieving your own goal, self-overcoming, gaining self-confidence, feeling humility, respect for your rivals and nature, knowledge and self-knowledge, fear and euphoria, joy and pain… and especially great adventure!“