Peggy and Adam

We are people, who were scared of stereotype. Instead of building a career, we preferred lifetime experiences. With the need for the goal and life content, we began to put ourselves togehter at the extremes.

We go to mountain bike races, usually longer than 1000km, leading by untouched nature. Our goal is not to defeat other competitors. We go to win over ourselfs. However, the necessity of the race is to a certain extent undeniable. It is only in the racing atmosphere that we reach the threshold when the head and body move their limits and everything is spiced up with a certain amount of adrenaline.

Our passion for discovering got us beyond the Arctic Circle, where we participated in a challenge that no one had ever completed. Nor did we manage to finish in the first time. One year later we were the first people to finish it. It was difficult but amazing time of our lives. 

When you come to the race goal, there is usually nothing, and no one is waiting for you. But when we completed the challenge of the polar circle, three people were waiting for us. Organizer and two enthusiastic fans. Even so, it may seem like madness, 27 days freezing, just for this moment. Inside us, it was a huge satisfaction. We achieved primacy for the Czech Republic. We finished something that we hoped remotely after the first unsuccessful attempt. “When I came to finish, Czech anthem played in my head, somehow automatically. I did not even try to drive her out ouf my head. I remembered all the people who helped us and who cheered us. I felt it was our common victory, and it made me happy. When we returned to the Czech Republic, many people unknown to us thanked us. They told us that watching us brought them energy into demanding days.“ Peggy 

We are proud, that ISOMA team is supporting us. Thank you.

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