About us

ISOMA s.r.o. based in CZ-Prague has been a contractual partner of the international manufacturing group VonRoll since its establishment in 2003. It offers and supplies semi-finished products and finished components made of hardened composite materials according to the customer documentation, especially for the electrical industry.

Own machinery background

We own powerful and precise machinery adapted for cutting and fabricating of sheets and tubes made of hardened composite materials. Thanks to many years of a close partnership with the VonRoll Group, we offer components made of a wide range of globally established materials for numerous industrial applications at reasonable prices corresponding to the lower operating costs in the Czech Republic.

Individual service

We offer individual services to its customers according to their needs, especially flexibility and prompt implementation of their requirements. Technical support from the producer VonRoll is a matter of course for new projects and requirements. ISOMA s.r.o. is a holder of the ISO 9001:2013 certification and currently serves as a supplier for major domestic customers in the electrical industry.

Wide range of materials

We offer a wide range of materials with high resistance requirements for carriers: paper, mica paper, glass fiber or fabric, cotton, polyester, synthetic fiber (aramid, carbon) - multi-layered or resin: polyester, epoxy, phenol, polyamide, silicone, melamine - saturation, bonding, curing.

" Premium strength of composites"

Compared to conventional plastics, our materials are designed for use with higher demands on mechanical stress and with varying influences of high temperatures or humidity. At the same time, it performs the role of electrical or thermal insulation with comparable strength to metallic materials. They are lighter, not subject to corrosion or chemical influences.