Bratislava will have new trams and trolleybuses from Pilsen

04/12 2022 | Back to summary

Dopravný podnik Bratislava and the Škoda Transportation group have signed contracts for the supply of new Škoda ForCity Plus trams. In total, there are up to 30 new one-way trams of the Škoda 29T type, which have been in service in Bratislava since 2015. The trams will have a metre gauge of the Bratislava tracks. Delivery of the trams is planned during 2023.

Residents and visitors of Bratislava can also look forward to two types of new trolleybuses. The first ones that Škoda will supply are the 18-metre-long Škoda 27 Tr in articulated design. The second type is the three-section two-articulated trolleybuses Škoda-Solaris 24m. They have, as their name suggests, a length of 24 meters and a capacity of up to 160 passengers. They should serve on the busiest city trolleybus line 71 serving bratislava main station. Bratislava will be the second transport company after Prague where these trolleybuses produced by a consortium of Škoda and Solaris will operate.

We are pleased that the newly delivered vehicles will also carry insulating parts made by us.