FC Jablonec

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The club was founded in June 5, 1945 as the Czech Sports Club Jablonec nad Nisou. Already in 1949 the club Jablonec under the name ZSJ Preciosa Jablonec nad Nisou got into the regional league „divize“. In 1953 the club was renamed DSO Jiskra Jablonec nad Nisou, in 1961 they were renamed TJ Jiskra Bižuterie Jablonec nad Nisou. In 1963 they promoted to the 2nd league and after two years it moved to TJ LIAZ where excellent conditions were created for the sport club – they renamed TJ LIAZ Jablonec nad Nisou.

In 1974 Jablonec promoted to the 1st league for two seasons. After the relegation they moved in the 2nd and 3rd league. In the 1992/93 season, when Czech and Slovak competitions were dividied, Jablonec finished in 7th place in Czech National League, which secured them play out in 1st league next season with the last team Bohemians Praha 1905, but failed. A year later they finished second in the 2nd league and secured their way to the 1st league, where they still play today. The club’s biggest achievements include two third places and one second place in Gambrinus League, also winning the Czech Cup and then participating in European Cups. The Jablonec jersey was worn by a number of excellent players: Pluskal, Novák Láďa, Havránek, Kvaček, Kraus, Dočkal. In subsequent generations it was Rudolf and Petr Svobodová, Jebavý, Vošta, Čmarada, Majer, Jelínek, Frydrych, Šrejma, Kopenec, Češek, Z. Klucký, J. Klucký, Jánoš, Navrátil, Hromádko, Horváth, Fukal, Holub, Weber, Čížek. Current personalities include Tomáš Hübschman, Michal Špit, Martin Pospíšil and Vít Beneš.